Keynote Speaker


Keynote I

Prof. Kwang-Won Lee
Department of Biotechnology, College of Life Scienceand Biotechnology, Korea University

1981-1987 Bachelor degree in in Food Technology, Korea University, S. Korea
1988-1990 Master of Science in Food Chemistry, Korea University, S. Korea
1990-1995 Ph.D in Food Science and Human Nutrition, Iowa State University, USA

 Major Activities
1995-1996 Post-doc., Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Iowa State University, USA  
1996-1999 Post-doc., Mason Eye Institute, University of Missouri, USA
1999-2000 Post-doc., Dept. of Ophthalmology, Catholic University, S. Korea
2000-2001 Senior Scientist, Jeonbuk Center for Bioveuture and Bioindustry, S. Korea
2002-present Professor (tenured in Mar. 2008), Dept. of Biotechnology, Korea University, S. Korea

Honors and Awards
2005 Winner of Life and Environmental Science
2012 Winner of Science Technology of the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies  

Research Interests
1. Prevention of diabetic complications induced by glycation (Maillard reaction)
2. Chemoprevention modulation by biotransformation in liver 
3. Immune enhancing activities of sugar-protein conjugates
4. Purification of bioactive compounds from plants, etc.

Keynote II

Prof. Ki-Hyun Kim 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea

Prof. Ki-Hyun Kim has been working on the following areas:

-Development and establishment of detection methods for hazardous/odorous pollutants and heavy metals along with the establishment of basic QA for those pollutants. 

-Carbon capture and storage based on development and performance evaluation of diverse sorbent materials.

-Sorptive removal and regeneration cycle in the treatment of airborne pollutants

He was awarded a National Star Faculty offered by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2006.  He is currently serving as editorial members of journals like Sensors, Scientific World, and several others.  He has published more than 300 articles in peer-reviewed international SCI journals.






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